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Personalised coaching and specific Irish dance workouts programmed by 3x World Champion, Megan Kerrigan and delivered by highly qualified and experienced MWM Coaches. 

What to expect for Weekly 1-1s:

  • Session 1 is a movement assessment and goal-setting chat with your MWM Coach - this allows them to get an understanding of what you're looking to achieve and will show us any key areas of your movement that need addressing
  • You're given a slot within our schedule and Megan will create a programme focusing on the specific areas that were highlighted in your assessment. 
  • Your MWM Online Coach/Coaches will track your progress and discuss this weekly together - this could be through screenshots or fitness tests depending on your goals. Seeing the progress is the most motivating part of training and is my favourite moment to share with you too 
  • The sessions will become increasingly difficult each time you see your MWM Coach - this is how we improve
  • After 4 weeks (depending on progress) we will change your programme to increase difficulty or target different areas
  • We encourage you to discuss with Dance Teachers areas that I can help to improve, when we all work as a team we see the greatest results
Join the Waiting List for Weekly 1-1's

The cornerstone of our 1-1 Online Coaching services for the competitive Irish Dancers. This guided and independent monthly 1-1 Coaching package is for dancers that want to get to grips with what’s holding them back and how to reach their goals, with a clear plan, weekly support and independent training too.

What to expect for One 1-1 per month (with weekly check ins):

  • One 45 Minute 1-1 Coaching session each month with one of our incredible MWM Coaches
  • Short 15-20 minute programme to follow at home for the remainder of the month
  • Weekly whatsapp check-in with your MWM Coach 
  • Access to our online portal to see your programme and track your progress
Join the Waiting List for One 1-1 per month

Eibhin Meagher U13 WMH

During Lockdown, I had been trying to improve my flexibility and loosen my hip flexors which have always been an issue for me but I knew I wouldn't reach my goal on my own.

Since I joined the MWM team, I have seen a huge improvement which has also been commented on by my dance friends and teachers. High clicks have been introduced into my dances which is a huge bonus for me. 

I meet once a week with Megan and Aoibheann who put me through my paces and assess how I'm doing. They help me set goals and programmes to keep me focused. Getting a World Medal at my first World's and placing 3rd at Irish Nationals has been amazing and achieved through their support.

I would highly recommend MWM if you want help and support to reach your goals and they are such nice people with a real interest in how you are doing and they brighten your day.


Why not check out MWM Gold Club whilst you wait?

The MWM Gold Membership Club was designed by Megan herself to help you improve ALL elements of your Irish dancing. 

 With 44+ live classes a month and GOLD EXCLUSIVE added extras including Goal Setting, Q&A Sessions, Guest Speakers and much more.

It is created for all ages and stages (and if you commit to the schedule) it will help you to become the best Irish Dancer you can possibly be.

If this sounds good to you then what are you waiting for?

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