World Championship Sprint 🌎

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4. You want to be clear on WHAT, WHY and HOW to improve the weaker areas of your dancing in time for Worlds 2024 👀

5.  You want to feel prepared for Worlds 2024 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

6. You want to set BIG goals and reach these BIG goals at Worlds 2024 ✨

7. You want to have a clear structured plan to follow in the run up to Worlds 2024 🗓️

8. You want to walk on stage at Worlds 2024 feeling confident and ready 👍

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online personal training programme

MWM Club has been designed for YOU! All Irish Dance fitness and mindset training under one roof...


Do you love to dance, continually improve and build friendships? If the answer is yes then MWM Club is for you! No matter where you are in the world, joining the Club gives you access to physical and mental training content specifically designed to help you reach your Irish Dance potential.


Find out how we can help YOU...

Irish Dance Physical and Mental Training for All Ages and Stages


online fitness classes

Irish Barre

Adapted by Megan from the Strength and Conditioning training used by Ballet Dancers - low impact, isometric strength training, focusing on turnout, extension, posture, arch and so much more...

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dance exercise classes

Strength and Cardio

Work to develop strength in the areas most important for good Irish Dance technique. Cardio will push you to your limits and improve your endurance and cardiovascular fitness...

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Yoga and Stretch

Yoga and Stretch

Build core strength and stretch your tight muscles with these classes specifically designed to improve areas of your Irish Dance ability - kick height, turnout, crossover, posture and more... 

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MWM Gold Club
Megan Craven
Megan Craven 

"I've been doing MWM Irish Barre since they started in July 2020 and I absolutely love them.

Meg is such a good instructor, really motivating and keeps you going throughout the class to get the most out of them that you can.

I have noticed a massive improvement in my dancing since starting Irish Barre and my teachers have commented on how much my increased strength and flexibility have improved my dancing overall."

Shannon Dyer
Shannon Dyer

"I started doing Move with Meg during the first lockdown and fell in love with it. I loved doing the live classes and interacting with Meg but as schools and dance classes went back, it was difficult to attend the live classes.

The Bronze MWM club has been so good for me and my dancing as I can still do all my stretching and workouts to suit my own schedule. Meg is only ever a message away to help with anything I'm struggling with or to share my progression with her. As well as my amazing dance teachers, Meg has helped me improve in all areas of my dancing and I will continue to work with her and keep improving."

Ella Barry
Ella Barry

"Ella joined the MWM Gold Club in April 2021 and her favourites classes are Strength and Stretch/Yoga. The MWM Club makes working out and stretching fun and Ella is very aware now of the importance of stretching and warming up correctly. Since joining the MWM Gold Club Ella has become a stronger dancer and her fitness level has improved greatly helping with her stamina and confidence. 

When Ella joined MWM she was a grade dancer she is now an Open Champion."

1-1 Online Coaching

Our 1-1 Online Coaching is extremely popular. Working weekly with passionate Irish dancers on the specific areas that their dancing needs. 

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