Hello, I'm Megan Kerrigan.


If you haven't already met me, here is your chance to understand why I am the best person to help you achieve your Irish dance goals.

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I'm Megan, owner and creator of Move With Meg personal training specific for Irish dancers.

I was and still am an Irish dancer. Although, at 30 years old, my dancing is getting less frequent, I think I will always class myself as a dancer. I danced competitively since I was just 7 years old and achieved my absolute dream of becoming a 3 time World Champion and All Ireland Champion, as well as all other major competitions on numerous occasions. I was not a natural dancer and had to work extremely hard to get to where I did.

After retiring from competitive dance at 18 years old, I had the incredible opportunity to travel the world as a professional Irish Dancer with Lord of the Dance, and other shows along the way too. These included Magic of the Dance, SkyDance and Murphy’s Celtic Legacy. Although I believe I am insanely lucky to have reached both of these goals, I also know that they were down to the work ethic and lifestyle that I lead and this is what I want to share with all Irish dancers to help them unleash their own potential.

I have studied for many fitness qualifications including Level 2 Fitness Instructing, Level 3 Personal Training, Level 4 Diabetes and Obesity Management, Strength and Conditioning, Indoor Cycling, Suspension Training and Barreworks Barre Instructing and most recently Functional Range Conditioning (the science of strengthening the body at its maximal range of motion). Each of these has shaped me in different directions as a trainer and this, along with my 6 years of experience in the field, and background as an Irish dancer is what gives me the confidence to know that I can make you the best Irish dancer that you can possibly be.

I am extremely passionate about the impact that training correctly and looking after your body can have on your performance ability. I wish that I had the knowledge that I have now back when I was competing as I know that I would have been so much better. When I dance now, at 30 years old, I can lift my legs higher than ever before and this is down to the training styles that I adopt.

I hope that by visiting my website, reading my blogs, working with me 1-1 or in one of my courses or even just reading my story, you will be inspired and motivated to reflect on the lifestyle you lead and the training you adopt alongside the goals that you have set yourself.

It is my mission to make Irish Dance a more positive place, both mentally and physically. 

What do people say about Meg?

"Your attitude is so positive it makes me keep going."

"You make me feel motivated by it being a live workout!"

"I love how positive you are and I always feel great when I’ve done it even on the days where I feel like I can’t do it and I have no motivation I push myself and I’m always glad I do because I always feel great afterwards."

"She loves when you tell stories about your dancing days eg. your front clicks! She also loves hearing which exercises benefit particular moves."

"Thoroughly enjoyed the first Irish Barre course created by Megan who clearly has a passion for training young dancers. Megan has delivered a course that is specific to Irish Dancing and Barre is a great addition to the usual ‘high intensity’ weekly training schedule for dancers. Megan explains all of the moves so the dancers can understand how it will develop their dancing. The classes were effectively delivered over zoom and Megan was able to monitor each and every dancer taking part. We look forward to the next course."

"She loves that you know the specific exercises she needs to work on to improve. Because you're an Irish dancer she can relate to you and she is such a fan girl now which motivates her even more."

" I find you inspirational and interesting, you always engage my interest and I find you very relatable"

"She looks forward to seeing you every day and she loves it because it's not me telling her or nagging her to do something, it's not her teachers telling her to do it extra - it's Meg and she loves that."

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Our mission is to make Irish Dance a more positive place, both mentally and physically.


Born and raised in County Down, Northern Ireland, Lauren began dancing at the young age of four when she joined Scoil Rince Realia.

She enjoyed an illustrious competitive career winning various major titles such as the Ulster and Irish National Championships. Her highest-ranking competitive achievements were 3rd place at the All-Ireland Championships as well as placing in the top 10 of the World Championships in 2017 and 2018.

When Lauren was nine, she got the chance to see Lord of the Dance in Belfast in 2008. This is when it became Lauren's dream to be a part of the show. In 2018, she was given the opportunity to audition for Lord of the Dance in Killarney. Later that year, she joined the show for her first tour in Canada. Since then, she has been performing across the globe in places such as China, Taiwan, Europe, Mexico and the USA. Most recently, Lauren's lifelong dream of performing the lead role of 'Saoirseā€™ became a reality, making her debut performance on the 2022 UK tour.

She is now looking forward to teaching with MWM and helping young dancers achieve their dreams like she did.


Annabelle is our MWM Mindset Coach.

As an Irish dancer herself, she knows what it takes both mentally and physically to reach dance goals.

Annabelle has experience in professional Irish dancing having toured with Celtic Legends and Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance whilst it was serving a residency on the West End, London and also on tour across Europe.

As a dancer, Annabelle always struggled with her nerves and often found it hard to dance to her full capability and enjoy her time on stage. This was something that she tried to work on but found it hard to find the right support with an understanding of our sport.

This is what led Annabelle to complete a Diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and found the concept fascinating. This inspired her to complete a further three qualifications and in 2021 she qualified as a NLP Coach, Practitioner and Time Line Therapy Practitioner.

Annabelle is passionate about helping dancers to reach their full potential and achieve greatness. She truly believes that by harnessing the mindset of dancers, you can help them improve their confidence, self believe and levels of self compassion - skills which can be transferred to multiple aspects of their lives. They'll learn how to control, understand and manage their emotions, understand their strengths and how they can reframe their weaknesses to use as learning opportunities - as well as many more skills.

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Have you seen us in the "Irish World" newspaper?

'Former Lord of the Dance star Megan launches online fitness programme'. 

'I wish that when I was competing I’d had the opportunity to to work with a strength and conditioning coach that understood my body and what I need to get from it for dancing. We had the option to work with trainers, but they did not understand us and our sport, making it difficult to get the most out of our sessions.' 

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