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Immerse yourself in our personalised group coaching sessions with specific Irish dance group workouts, curated by the acclaimed 3x World Champion, Megan Kerrigan, and delivered by our experienced and qualified MWM Coaches.

Anticipate the following:

  1. Engage in intimate sessions with 4-6 dancers led by a dedicated MWM Coach.
  2. Experience 45-minute weekly sessions dedicated to your specific areas of weaknesses within Irish Dance techniques to achieve your personal goals.
  3. Be part of a program meticulously crafted to foster growth in all aspects of Irish Dancing and a part of an inspiring community.

Embark on a transformative journey to:

  1. Cultivate hip mobility to enhance your turnout technique. 
  2. Cultivate flexibility in the posterior chain, reaching new heights in kicks with confirmed sharpness.
  3. Strengthen shins and mobilise ankles to prevent injuries, ensuring a confident and supported dance journey.
  4. Focus on strengthening and stretching key areas associated with posture, encouraging conversations about the art and discipline of Irish Dance within your community.

Join us as we focus on your journey towards becoming a more accomplished Irish Dancer, celebrating your growth, confirming your achievements and engaging in meaningful conversations within our vibrant Irish Dance community. 

Join the Waiting List


Why not check out MWM Gold Club whilst you wait?

The MWM Gold Membership Club was designed by Megan herself to help you improve ALL elements of your Irish dancing. 

 With 44+ live classes a month and GOLD EXCLUSIVE added extras including Goal Setting, Q&A Sessions, Guest Speakers and much more.

It is created for all ages and stages (and if you commit to the schedule) it will help you to become the best Irish Dancer you can possibly be.

If this sounds good to you then what are you waiting for?

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