MWM Dance Assessment and Home Programme

Qualified PT's and experienced dancers Meg or Ave will take a look at your dancing. They will pick out any areas of weakness that can be improved through a home training programme which will then be provided.

No Irish Dance correction or feedback will be given in this assessment - simply PT advice and a training programme.

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Benefit 1

Your MWM Coach will watch your dancing and assess your strong and weak areas in relation to strength, flexibility and mobility.

Benefit 2

6-week home plan designed specifically to help you and areas of your dancing the assessment has highlighted. 

Benefit 3

The plan, if performed 3-4 days a week, will noticeably improve the specific areas which will enhance your performance ability.

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the programme you designed for Coleen. I can see a definite improvement in her posture. She absolutely loved doing the programme and is continuing with it even after the six weeks."

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We are really excited to work with you. Understand that if you have the right work ethic and mindset, together we can make a real difference to your Irish dance performance.

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