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How Focusing on Kick Height Can Transform Your Irish Dance Performance

Oct 23, 2023

Irish dance is a mesmerising art form that demands precision, strength, and grace. While many aspects contribute to a captivating performance, one factor that some kids may feel like is often unachievable if they aren’t naturally flexible is —kick height. The height of your kicks can boost your performance, leaving a lasting impression on judges and audiences alike. In this blog post, we'll explore how focusing on kick height can be a game-changer in your Irish dance journey.


The Power of High Kicks: A Visual Feast

High kicks in Irish dance are not merely a technical feat; they are a visual feast that captures attention and adds flair to your dancing. A well-executed high kick not only showcases your mastery of technique but also conveys confidence and elegance, setting you apart on the dance floor.


Key Areas for Kick Height Improvement

Improving your kick height isn't a one-size-fits-all endeavour. It involves targeting specific areas of your body for enhancement. Here are the five key areas to focus on:


1. Hip Mobility

Flexible hips are essential for achieving higher kicks. Work on hip mobility to allow your legs to reach new heights effortlessly.


2. Hamstring Flexibility

Supple hamstrings are your secret weapon for graceful, high kicks. Regular stretching and flexibility exercises are vital.


3. Quad Strength

Strong quadriceps provide the power needed to lift your legs gracefully. Incorporate strength training to bolster your quads.


4. Ab Strength

Core strength stabilises your body and helps maintain balance during high kicks. Core exercises are a must.


5. Inner Thigh Flexibility

Flexible inner thighs contribute to the fluidity and extension of your kicks. Don't neglect this crucial area.


The MWM 5 Day Kick Height Challenge

Ready to elevate your kick height and transform your Irish dance performance? Get yourself in the Move With Meg 5 Day Kick Height Challenge which is in the Gold Club Membership. This structured program helps you identify your unique restrictions and provides targeted exercises to improve kick height effectively. Take this opportunity to refine your technique and unlock your full potential.


Witness the Transformation

Imagine the impact of your Irish dance performance when your kicks reach new heights. You'll capture the judges' attention, leave the audience in awe, and dance with unparalleled confidence. Focusing on kick height isn't just about technique; it's about transforming your entire performance.


Start Your Kick Height Journey Today

Are you ready to start a journey that will elevate your Irish dance performance to new heights? Don't wait! Enrol in the Move With Meg Gold Club Membership and get access to the 5-Day Kick Height Challenge and discover the incredible transformation that awaits you. Dance confidently, captivate your audience, and take your Irish dance journey to the next level.

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