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Insider Tips from Adjudicators: How to Stand Out in Irish Dance Competitions

Sep 06, 2023

Irish dance competitions are exhilarating events filled with talent, passion, and precision. As dancers take the stage, their hearts race with excitement and anticipation, eager to impress the discerning eyes of the adjudicators. These experienced judges play a pivotal role in determining the winners, and their insights are invaluable to aspiring dancers looking to shine in the spotlight. 


In this blog, we unveil 7 insider tips straight from adjudicators themselves, offering you a unique perspective on how to stand out and leave a lasting impression in Irish dance competitions.

1. Captivate with Confidence and Stage Presence:

Adjudicators are drawn to dancers who exude confidence and possess a captivating stage presence. Own the stage with grace and charisma, allowing your love for Irish dance to shine through your every movement. Stand tall, heads held high and shoulders back and let your passion radiate, drawing the adjudicators and spectators into your performance.

2. Embrace Authenticity:

While technique is crucial, adjudicators also appreciate dancers who stay true to themselves and embrace their authentic style. Infuse your performance with your personality, emotions, and individual flair, making your dance a unique expression of your artistry. Authenticity leaves a lasting impression and sets you apart from the crowd.

3. Focus on Musicality:

Musicality is a vital aspect of Irish dance that adjudicators keenly observe. Listen to the music with intent, accentuating the rhythms and melodies in your movements. Align your dance with the music's dynamics, showcasing a seamless connection between your steps and the rhythm of the music. 

4. Balance Precision with Expression:

Striking a balance between precise footwork and expressive movements is an art in itself. The blend of precision and expression captivates adjudicators and elevates your performance to new heights.

5. Pay Attention to Detail:

Adjudicators have a keen eye for detail and appreciate dancers who exude meticulousness in their execution. Focus on perfecting intricate footwork, crisp timing, and strong posture. Attention to detail demonstrates dedication to your craft and leaves a lasting impression on adjudicators.

6. Exude Professionalism:

Professionalism extends beyond the dance itself and encompasses how you present yourself on and off the stage. Arrive at competitions well-prepared, dressed appropriately, and with a positive attitude. Respect the rules and guidelines of the competition, and display good sportsmanship towards fellow dancers.

7. Embrace Feedback and Grow:

Teachers comments and feedback are invaluable resources for growth and improvement. Embrace constructive criticism with an open mind and a willingness to learn. Apply their insights to refine your performance and continually evolve as a dancer.

As you step into the world of Irish dance competitions, remember that adjudicators are not just judges; they are passionate advocates of the art form. By embracing these insider tips, you can elevate your performance, stand out on stage and leave a lasting impression. 


Captivate with confidence and stage presence, stay authentic to your style, focus on musicality, balance precision with expression, pay attention to detail, exude professionalism, and welcome feedback with open arms. You're ready to dazzle adjudicators and make your mark in the vibrant world of Irish dance competition!

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