MWM Gold Club 

  • Monthly subscription of £35 or less
  • 44+ Live classes per month - including Cardio, Stretch, Yoga, Strength, Irish Barre, Morning Stretch, Morning Mindset and Twist and Shout 
  • Exclusive access to our MWM Members Club, where you can chat with other members, take part in challenges, support others, be held accountable and gain points to work your way up our Members Leaderboard
  • Access to all previous live classes for the length of your subscription
  • Live Monthly Goal Setting Sessions with our MWM Mindset Coach, Annabelle
  • Exclusive MWM Tracks by FEIS App
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MWM Silver Club

  • Monthly subscription of £25
  • 8 uploaded pre-live classes per month
  • 2 classes uploaded each week
  • 2 Strength classes, 2 Cardio classes, 2 Stretch & Mobility/Yoga classes and 2 Irish Barre classes per month
  • Access to the library of previously uploaded classes for the entirety of your membership
  • Exclusive Move With Meg Tracks by FEIS App
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MWM Group Coaching

Work with the incredible MWM Coaches in small groups of 4-6 dancers to improve key areas of movement specific for Irish Dance performance. 

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MWM 121 Online Coaching

Online Coaching is for you if :

  • You're constantly getting the same feedback at class and can't seem to improve in that area
  • You find it difficult to know what training to prioritise in your busy schedule
  • You're looking to take your Irish Dancing to the next level
  • You want to understand how the body works for Irish Dance
  • You're already a MWM Club Member and want to up your training
  • You don't know how to improve
  • You practice and practice but can't seem to see the difference in your dancing
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We are currently at full capacity for our MWM Online Coaching so please fill out the information below and we will be in touch as soon as a suitable time slot is available...

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MWM Mindset Options

MWM 1-1 Mindset Coaching

MWM Mindset Coaching has been designed to assist dancers with their mental preparation and mindset in order to help them to reach their greatest potential.

You will learn how to control, understand and manage your emotions. You will learn your strengths and how you can reframe your weaknesses as learning opportunities and learn many more skills too.

Each session is bespoke to YOU and your personal needs!!!

What are you waiting for?

Unlock your Irish Dance ability even further with the power of the mind.

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MWM Feis Ready Mindset Course

This 6 week MWM Feis Ready Mindset course is for you if...

🌟You feel like you perform well at class but can't replicate it at a competition

🌟You feel like you psych yourself out on feis day

🌟You always think about "what if I forget my steps" or "what if I fall"

🌟You doubt yourself and your ability as soon as you arrive at a feis

🌟You lack self confidence and self belief

🌟You work really hard but can't seem to get the results that you desire

🌟You've lost your spark, motivation or passion for dancing

🌟You worry about results

🌟You feel nervous days before you dance at a competition

🌟You find it hard to control your emotions on a feis day

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Master Your Mindset Group Coaching Course

This 6 week Group Coaching Course is for you if: 

🌟Feel like something is holding you back

🌟Enjoy working with others and making connections with other dancers 

🌟Get to a certain point but get stuck on one certain problem

🌟Don't feel good enough or worthy

🌟You're scared of your competitors 

🌟You procrastinate and need help focusing

🌟You need accountability and more support

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MWM Dance Assessment and Home Programme

Are there areas of your dancing that you cannot seem to improve? Maybe your teachers continue pointing out the same corrections? 

Let us take a look at your dancing from a movement perspective and help you improve your movement planes and in turn you will:

  • Understand why you're struggling in certain areas
  • Get a 6-week personalised home training programme focusing on your key weaknesses 
  • See great progress and changes to your dancing IF you focus and commit to your home programme

No Irish Dance correction or feedback will be given in this assessment - simply PT advice and training programme.


£200.00 GBP

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MWM Splits Masterclass

Splits are not an Irish dance move, however the mobility and flexibility that is needed to perform them is crucial for Irish dance technique and certain moves too. 

This 40 minute masterclass was is focused on mobilising and lengthening the muscles and joints that are needed to get into the front split position. The idea is that with your progress into the splits, you will be motivated more and more to continue these stretches and benefit your body for Irish dance. 

Throughout your use of this masterclass we advise that you take before and after photos so that you can see the benefits of the stretches and see your progress into the splits position.

£27.00 GBP

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Irish Dance Specific Fitness Workshops

MWM also runs Irish Dance Specific Fitness Workshops. These workshops are either performed online OR in-person and are only for large groups/dance schools. The specific details and prices for the workshops must be discussed with and confirmed by Megan. 

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